Window handles

All of the Window handles from Handles & Hinges will fit many types of double glazing and come complete with keys, extra window handle keys are available.

Window Security

Most of the new style UPVC window handles are push to open. This means that the handle snaps locked when the window handle is closed, resulting in happy insurance companies and your house is more secure.

Need help?

If your UPVC window handle is broken or snapped and you’re not sure what to replace it with our friendly staff can advise on which handle to choose. With over 20 years in the Double Glazing industry the Handles and Hinges team can help you with your choice.


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Window safety locks

Window safety locks are a method of securing a window either to stop unlawful entry from outside or to keep the residents safe.

Double glazed windows

I will out line the locks below used for Double glazed windows. There are many on the market that can be fitted either during fabrication of the window or retrospectivly after the window has already been fitted by a company.



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Features You’ll Love!

Each component of Window Accessory Between-Glass Metal Venetian Blinds is designed for long life and smooth operation. Highest quality, standard features include:
  1. 1

    Extruded aluminum headrails and bottomrails

  2. 2

    A slip clutch mechanism to minimize damage due to overtilting the blinds

  3. 3
    Virgin aluminium

    Virgin aluminum alloy slats finished with an organic primer and a baked-on enamel finish coat

  4. 4

    Convenient snap-in installation system

  5. 5

    Corrosion resistant components throughout