Şubat 19, 2015

Pvc window accessories espagnolette for window systems

Window Accessory LTD.  is a turkish producer and supplier of pvc wood aluminium door and window accessories such as mortise locks, window safety locks, window wood accessory, tilt and turn systems, espagnolettes,door handles,  aluminium and plastic handles , locks, hinges, fly screen accessories, rubber gaskets, mullion connector ties…

The quality management system of Window Accessory LTD. is conformed to the Quality standard of ISO 9001:2008.

Window Accessory LTD. exports mainly to Europe, the Middle East, Russia countries. Especially to the Russian Federation, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, England, Polen, South Africa, Chile, Nigeria, Portugal , Holland, Belgium..

Top extension;  additional locking espagnolettes can be use with standart, narrow,  security pins,  security narrow, ventilatation and double pin corner transmission.

Bottom sash extension; it helps to use a middle lock system.

The security of the faulty usage sash adjustment device; it provides safety usage for the using of the window and door sashes. It obstacles the misuse of the door or window, this option provide long life for the window door accessory hardware.

Sssembling; it helps to easy installation and save much time.

3,9×25 rare serrated espagnolette screws code:  449.339.025.001

Coating; coat gives longer durabilty and corrision protection to the hardware.

Certificate; it is suitable for TSE certifictes.

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